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Comprehensive Study on the Establishment of a Sustainable Society
Based on the Satoyama Model

Outline of the Project

This is a comprehensive study on the management of natural sources with the aim of establishing a sustainable society based on the Satoyama model. The results of this study will be made available to the public with the hope of contributing to the advancement of studies on natural resource management, the development of social practices, and the improvement of programs.

The Satoyama model emphasizes the close relationship between nature and culture expressed in the concept of "cultural nature," which means that culture cannot exist without nature. Nature, in its original state, likewise, is also influenced by human life and culture, a concept which does not view nature in the traditional sense as the original natural environment.

The Satoyama model attempts to define "Satoyama-style nature," to clarify traditional methods used to maintain Satoyama, and serves as a basis for research on the relationship between nature and human beings in various locations other than Satoyama.

Using the Satoyama model as a base, we take two distinctive approaches. Firstly, we carry out reaerch on ecosystems in Satoyama and the use of sustainable energy from biomass resources centering on Satoyama. Secondly, we examine ethics, ethnic groups, customs, and legal systems related to natural resource management centering on Satoyama, as well as a wide range of conflicts related to the management and the future of regional society as the base. In this way, bidirectional research is carried out comprehensively through the integration of humanities and science. We also attempt to cooperate with local regions and NPOs, and develop educational, and other educational activities across a wide range of levels, including social education.

Research Organization

Director Hiroya USHIO (Professor, Faculty of Law)
Vice-directors Tomiyasu MIYAURA (Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology)
Tatsuya SUZUKI (Professor, Faculty of Law)
Group 1 Biodiversity and Biomass Use in Satoyama
Leader: Tomiyasu MIYAURA (Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology)
Group 2 Regional Resource Management
Leader: Hiroya USHIO (Professor, Faculty of Law)
Group 3 Control, Cooperation, and Education
Leader: Taketo TANIGAKI (Lecturer, Faculty of Policy Science)
The Research Center for Satoyama Studies, Ryukoku University
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